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  Henan New Communication Intelligent Engineering Co., LTD., with a registered capital of 10.8 million yuan, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the overall solution design and installation, project contracting, system integration, technical consulting and consulting of intelligent strong and weak electric systems in Zhengzhou, Henan province。Focus on serving government agencies, banks, corporate financial institutions, public transportation, sports venues, schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, residential areas, public places and public building facilities and other related units。  

  Henan New Communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. has a rich ‌‌ construction experience, a number of technical personnel composed of professional construction personnel。With a complete range of construction tools and testing tools, all personnel have gone through a comprehensive wiring process, welding process, wiring process, testing process of professional training, to ensure that Henan New communication to undertake each project in quality perfect!     

  Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. weak current construction unit, dedicated to all kinds of company services, flexible and diverse cooperation, can be in various forms of contract cleaning, package materials, construction of the total contract, the size of the project can be, on call, in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the project and construction specifications for construction!Save tools, manpower, energy for you to pay,Make you more competitive!Provide one-stop service,Access from the previous carrier network,To later network maintenance and network overhaul,Free on-site maintenance within one year,A phone call,A trust,Welcome to consult Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., LTD. Look forward to your cooperation!

  The service content of the weak current construction team of New communication company mainly includes: Main business scope: 1. Comprehensive network wiring wireless network coverage installation,Advertising WiFi coverage installation 2, video surveillance system wiring installation,手机远程365bet官网安装 3、大型仓库365bet官网及无线信号覆盖 4、Building intercom及门禁系统布线安装 5、公共广播、365bet官网中文登陆系统布线安装  6、办公室网络强365bet官网改造  7、365bet官网中文登陆系统安装  8、LED广告大屏幕安装  9、小区驻地网365bet官网中文登陆施工  10、通信方面室内2G、3G、4G、WLAN信号覆盖365bet官网中文登陆施工等 11、人行道闸安装及车牌识别系统安装 12、小区Building intercom安装施工 13、光纤布线及熔接365bet官网中文登陆 14、常年招聘365bet官网施工人员 河南365bet官网中文登陆的理念是:双赢合作、换位思考;少发牢骚、顶住压力、克服困难、成就自我,Strive to make every project a model project to Henan new communication goal。Customer scope: In recent years, the north, Shanghai, wide, deep majority, Henan local more。The goal of Henan New communication is: excellence!To satisfy the owner, let you worry is the commitment of Henan New communication, Henan New communication company weak current construction team is willing to cooperate with the weak current engineering companies to create a better future

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