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1.1 Organization of resident agencies and maintenance personnel

1.1.1 Resident Organization

In order to ensure that problems arising from the project are resolved in a timely and effective manner,Henan New CommunicationA after-sales service team was set up specifically for this project。

1.1.2 Organization of maintenance personnel

1, equipped with experienced technical personnel

In order to ensure the most reliable and effective implementation of the maintenance service process, one to two relevant professional and experienced system engineers are assigned to each system to be responsible for the relevant after-sales maintenance services。The list shall be submitted to the competent department of the owner to ensure communication between the two parties。

Maintenance service personnel will mainly be involved施工The personnel of the weak current intelligent system engineering, they will play their technical experience and the advantages of familiarity with the system, can more quickly and accurately ensure that the fault is solved in the first time。

2, ensure reliable supplier support

Henan new communication companyWith international and domestic major product suppliers have close cooperation, there is a strong product and technical support。Henan New CommunicationAs a business partner of product suppliers, we maintain frequent and regular contact with them from senior department to working group level。This connection allows both parties to have a complete and unified understanding of customer operations, product information and the latest technological solutions, which enablesHenan New CommunicationIt can be handled more effectively and better施工Maintenance service equipment supply and technical issues。Henan New CommunicationBe prepared to conduct regular survey contact with owners to review the support services provided。Henan New CommunicationFully believe,Henan New CommunicationServices and arrangements jointly provided by product suppliers will be met in all respects施工Maintain the requirement of high quality of service。

1.2 Warranty period Maintenance plan and maintenance response time

1.2.1 Maintenance response time

In order to better make施工The weak current intelligent system project went smoothly,And ensure the quality and progress of the project,Henan New CommunicationWill be specially established for this projectProject management组,与All relevant construction unitsActively cooperate, do a good job in this project and make it a high-quality model project。根据Henan New CommunicationFor many years engaged in weak current system applicationHenan New Communication认为:The quality of service to customers is good or badHenan new communication companyCritical to the success of the application system所谓Three points technology and seven points service因此,Do one's bestFor the ownerProvide the highest quality售后服务Henan New CommunicationDuty and honor

Ø System operation failure,Henan New CommunicationThe service site response time is after receiving the user's notification1 hour (excluding phone and E-MAIL),Henan New CommunicationWill immediately send someone to the site for maintenance, general failure will be inFixed in two hours. Special malfunction1Exclusion within hours。

Ø Send engineers to the site regularly for inspection, write a detailed written report after each inspection and repair, provide to the owner, and be responsible for replacing the damaged parts under normal use of the system。Loss due to improper design, manufacture or installation, caused byHenan New CommunicationBe responsible for the warranty and compensate the economic loss caused to the owner。

1.2.2 Warranty maintenance plan

From the date of acceptance of the project, the after-sales service shall be carried out.Henan New CommunicationThe warranty maintenance program includes the following aspects:

1. Warranty and maintenance period  

2. After-sale service project 

3. Maintenance staffing

4. Software maintenance and upgrade services

5. System maintenance

6. Service document creation

1.Warranty and maintenance period

From the date of acceptance of the project, it has entered the after-sales service period。After-sales service period includes quality warranty period and quality maintenance period。

After-sales service period = Quality warranty period+ Quality maintenance period

Ø Quality warranty period

The warranty period is within two years。During the warranty period, such as failure due to quality problems, the implementation of free replacement of equipment, components and materials。If the failure is caused by non-quality factors, the cost of replacing the equipment, components and materials will be charged。

Ø Quality maintenance period

After the expiration of the warranty period, both parties may negotiate and sign the system warranty maintenance contract;Henan New CommunicationProvide the owner with the same products as this tender, provide the required replacement components and materials at the preferential price not higher than the contract equipment unit, and charge the maintenance personnel cost separately;If there is no equivalent product, a new product with performance no lower than the original product will be provided to the owner at a preferential price。

2.After-sale service project

During the after-sales service period,Henan New CommunicationWill provideHenan New CommunicationAll promised services and the following services:

Ø Provide system maintenance and repair services

Ø Spare parts for maintenance are provided

Ø Provide equipment maintenance guidance

Ø Training of operators

3. Maintenance staffing

Qualified staff can complete all tasks quickly and successfully。In order to ensure the most reliable and efficient implementation of the maintenance service process,Henan New CommunicationOne or two professional and experienced system engineers will be assigned to each system to be responsible for the relevant after-sales maintenance services。The list shall be submitted to the competent department of the owner to ensure communication between the two parties。

Maintenance service personnel will mainly be involved施工The personnel of the weak current intelligent system engineering construction will play the advantage of their technical experience and familiarity with the system, which can ensure that the fault is solved in the first time more quickly and accurately。

4.Software maintenance and upgrade services

Henan New CommunicationWill provideFrom the completion of the acceptance period24monthly软件保修。During the warranty period,公司Be answerable to系统Repairs are carried out without charge。Also, guarantee in1Intra-hour pair用户Make technical response to the maintenance request。包括:

Ø Free modification of errors that occur during the operation of the software;

Ø Develop the new reasonable requirements of users accordingly;

Ø In the case of changes in business processing methods, modify the software or adjust the parameters accordingly to adapt it to the development of business;

Ø The software is constantly optimized and improved to provide users with free upgrade services;

Ø Provide training to user operators, maintainers and administrators;

Ø Provide users with operation manuals and related technical documents。

1.System maintenance

Henan New CommunicationThe after-sales service center will be right during the maintenance period施工Weak current intelligent system engineering provides services to keep them in good running condition, and regularly provides the following services to the system every year:

1) Monthly routine maintenance: (for systems with high utilization and relatively poor operating environment)

Ø Basic system inspection;

Ø Mainly for each system of equipment dust removal, cleaning;

Ø Check the line;

Ø Check the installation firmness of the equipment。

2) System operation check

Ø Check the main system equipment management system software, program operation and network communication;

Ø Check the operating status of each system;

Ø Check data or records recorded by relevant system equipment;

Ø Communicate and review work with clients。

3) Quarterly routine maintenance (all systems)

Ø Monthly routine maintenance;

Ø System management software diagnosis and system software function module detection;

Ø Integrate gateway and server interface detection of each subsystem;

Ø Check the operation of main equipment and actuator;

Ø Backup important data;

Ø Experiments such as virtual device alarm are carried out.

Ø Optimize the system。

4) Annual maintenance (all systems)

Ø Monthly routine maintenance;

Ø Quarterly routine maintenance;

Ø Test the overall performance of the system;

Ø Test the function of system software;

Ø Check the operation of related system equipment and replace spare parts;

Ø Backup important data;

Ø Check the record status of each system device。

6.Service document creation

Modern engineering increasingly emphasizes the importance of documentation, for施工The maintenance service of such a huge and complex system of weak current intelligent system engineering is inseparable from complete and accurate documents。Henan New CommunicationA complete set of maintenance service documents will be established, such as recording the detailed process of previous maintenance services, the causes and solutions of various system failures, meeting minutes, the use of new technologies and new processes, and maintenance summary reports submitted regularly according to the requirements of the contract。


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