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  The company takes industrial automation control as the leading, industrial automation control R & D management, computer PLC control, DCS control, frequency conversion drive control system design, application software development, special hardware manufacturing and control system complete sets。Undertake, consult and implement service system engineering in the field of automation,Finishing metallurgy,Blast-furnace ironmaking,炼钢,电力,轻工,啤酒,造纸,Hundreds of key large and medium-sized technological transformation projects such as furnaces,With a strong system design, software development, engineering sets and technical services of comprehensive capabilities,In the serialized industrial kiln control system, blast furnace automatic air removal system, water supply and drainage system, blast furnace body system and hot blast furnace system,We have accumulated rich experience in automatic control systems such as automatic dust removal systems,According to the user's requirements,Different configuration, reasonable design, reliable operation, cost-effective,Good service。
  The system engineering department of the company has been developing automatic control engineering and DCS control system projects for a long time,Has undertaken more than 30 sets of DCS control systems,Successively engaged in the PLC system of over-combined steel continuous casting;Thorp Group thermal power Station;Copper-steel thermal power station;Sintering of copper and steel;Composite blast furnace;Huarui power plant boiler turbine DCS;Wanwei thermoelectric water treatment;Wanwei energy metering network collection;Meijie paper PCS, frequency conversion control;Mountain Eagle paper DCS, frequency conversion control;Meili Paper PCS, QCS, frequency conversion control;Snow Beer PLC;Wuhu beer saccharification and fermentation PLC;Yangzhou beer saccharification;East China glass kiln several sets of PLC frequency conversion control;Li Guang Glass Kiln PLC;Circulating fluidized bed boiler DCS, FSSS in Yaojie Power Plant;Tianmenshan Paper factory Yanhua industrial control, frequency conversion control;Xuzhou coking fan frequency conversion control;Nangang No. 1 blast furnace and winching frequency control;Wuxi Jinxinzha steel heating furnace frequency control;Nanjing Yanjiang Hot Sludge PLC;Nangang 4# Blast furnace PLC;Huangshi Steel 2# blast furnace, hot blast furnace, trough, dust removal PLC;Wuxi Xuefeng 1#, 2# blast furnace TV monitoring;Tin-free Xuefeng steelmaking TV monitoring;Xuefeng Steelmaking three power, PLC;PLC of blast furnace pumping system of Masteel;Nangang 4# Blast furnace dust removal PLC;Wuhu Tianjian 5#, 2# glass kiln PLC frequency conversion control。

  Automation solutions for Metallurgical industry:
  Our blast furnace control system in China's major steel enterprises, Hot blast stove control system,Water treatment control system,Fan risk control system,The most advanced SIMATIC S7 417H redundant system system of SIEMENS is used as the hardware platform of automation system in the whole plant。The communication between PLC and host computer is SIEMENS PROFIBUS fieldbus. The whole plant uses Ethernet technology to realize data interconnection。
  System functions:

  SIMATIC STEP 7 has a good user interface and powerful and rich programming tools, which can greatly save the time and cost of system programming configuration。

  All hardware of the system is based on a unified hardware platform, and all software is fully integrated under the SIMATIC program manager, with the same unified software platform。 The system adopts a lot of new technology, and uses the standard PROFIBUS and PROFIBUS DP network in the network configuration。 
  The controller adopts SIEMENS S7 417H redundant controller, which uses advanced event redundancy to make the system redundant to achieve the best performance of undisturbed switching.。
Redundant PROFIBUS fiber ring network is used to communicate between the two redundant controllers and the host computer to ensure that the network disconnection at any point will not affect the normal operation of the network.At the same time, due to the use of optical fiber network, the anti-interference ability of the system communication is enhanced.。
  The upper computer adopts the special SCADA system WinCC of SIEMENS as the man-machine interface, and the communication between WinCC and PLC is redundant. The shutdown of any controller will not affect the monitoring function of the upper computer, and the non-interference switching is realized.。

  A redundant PRFIBUS-DP network is used between the ET200M distributed I/O card and the controller, and the downtime of any controller or damage to the I/O interface card component does not affect the system's access to I/O。
  The communication between two pairs of redundant controllers also adopts a redundant communication mode, and the shutdown of any one controller or communication card will not affect the normal operation of communication。
The system realizes the start and stop monitoring of all related equipment, and is equipped with the corresponding report function, so that the system status is clear。
  Use of event recording system, so that important alarm failures can be accurately recorded。
  The system is open, the use of OPC or ODBC technology makes the system easily connected to the enterprise management network, and can exchange data with common office software, which can greatly reduce the engineering design and maintenance costs。 
  Due to the extensive use of redundancy technology, the reliability of the system is fully guaranteed。

  Automation solutions for the paper industry:
  We offer complete process inspection and control solutions to improve all process segments of the pulp and paper mill。A variety of solutions are available for all user requirements。Our continuous innovation and close cooperation with equipment manufacturers ensure the quality and output of the pulp and paper industry。Optimal control guarantees good process and return on investment。 The high return on investment is due to increased productivity, consistent quality, and savings in raw materials and energy throughout the plant。To provide services for the stability and optimization of pulp and paper quality and output。
Through the combination of DCS and fieldbus and field module, it is used for closed loop and open loop control, distributed control system management, saving material cost and time to the maximum extent, and enhancing system reliability。High reliability, powerful functions, flexible control, simple operation and maintenance。
Industrial Ethernet solutions for metallurgical automation,It can be used in the process data exchange, operation status monitoring, system equipment control and other industrial data exchange process of the whole system,Complete the high-speed transmission and exchange of control signals and data,Ensure adequate signal connection between each subsystem PLC and subsystem equipment。In harsh production environments, real industrial Ethernet products can compete with a variety of electromagnetic radiation, high temperature, dust and other commercial Ethernet can not reach the advantages, to ensure the safe operation of important control systems。

  Functions of the system:
  (1) Real-time monitoring function Operators can not only monitor and control their own process through a beautiful interface, but also browse the production status of the relevant process。Real-time view the running value of each collection point。Process parameter setting。
  (2) Data recording function real-time trend curve and historical trend curve record of each process data。
  (3) Powerful sub-regional, sub-priority real-time and historical alarms。Alarm record lookup。
  (4) User rights management is divided into operator, monitor, section chief, system administrator and other levels。Different people have their own authority。Achieve production safety management。
  (5) Distributed network structure The workshop monitoring computer and management computer adopt a distributed structure, and the data is transparently transmitted by the open object。
  (6) Remote browsing and data access Publish site working conditions data in real time through WebServer, and the management department queries production status, output and other data through Internet access。
  (7) Report function Through the custom report editor provided by Kaiwu 2000, real-time data, daily reports, monthly reports, annual reports, and output statistics reports were completed。

  Intelligent automation system for glass production process:
  Glass melting kiln is a typical uncertain object with large delay and nonlinear,It cannot be accurately described by mathematical models,Therefore, it is often not well controlled by conventional control methods,The entire float glass automation system can be controlled with decentralized control,Methods of centralized surveillance,The characteristics of the system: 1 The operation mode adopts the combination of decentralization and centralization,2 Three-level automation system structure,It includes automatic adjustment of the instrument actuator,(GE)PLC process automatic control, 3. Use new schemes and new advanced control methods。(Some methods belong to the unique technology of the company, which will not be introduced here) Use the optimization mathematical model with the lowest cost as the goal to reduce the cost and increase the market competitiveness。 (1) Data collection: kiln temperature, kiln pressure, flue suction, glass level, gas or heavy oil and air pressure;(2) fuzzy automatic control of kiln pressure;(3) Each section temperature fuzzy expert system control;(4) Using neural network to achieve air-fuel ratio optimization control;(5) automatic flame reversal;(6) Automatic control of glass liquid level;(7) Temperature level, gas or heavy oil and air pressure alarm。

  Mainly used to monitor the entire production process, its main functions are: 
  (1) Data collection。Including the whole process such as crushing, batching, melting, forming, cutting and packing process parameters of the time series data, manual input parameters, the implementation of live collection。 
  (2) Setting of production process parameters。For example, pressure, distance between glass and air nozzle, power, etc., motion parameters (oscillation time, speed, acceleration, etc.), adjustment parameters (heating temperature and time of each section, etc.)。 
  (3) Model operation。For example, batch calculation model, batch optimization (lowest cost) model, etc。 
  (4) Advanced control and artificial intelligence applications。Including furnace temperature fuzzy control, furnace pressure fuzzy control, batching fuzzy control, etc., it solves the conventional PID control is difficult to solve in the hysteresis, valve diameter is too large, inflexible, nonlinear object and system oscillation, and poor adjustment quality。Another use of artificial intelligence is the fuel-air ratio self-optimization to solve the problem of the optimal ratio to make the flame temperature highest, which uses the method of neural networks。 
  (5) Quality prediction。It uses statistical modeling methods or neural network methods,The quality of flat glass can be predicted by the use of ingredients and the process parameters used,Solve the past to wait for the finished product to know whether the ingredients are correct and can not be timely,此外,To change the operating process parameters,Intensive production,This model can also be used to make predictions,Facilitate decision making。 
  (6) Data display。Including process parameter series data, instantaneous data, process flow chart and key dynamic data, alarm status data, historical data query, various reports, special display, model display, set data, stored process parameters, curves, quality standards and technical procedures query and so on。 
  (7) Data recording。Including class newspaper, daily newspaper, monthly report, alarm report, etc. Print, data and graphics display hard copy。 
  (8) Data communication。This includes communication with plant management computers, lower machines, plant managers and control room computers or terminals。 
  (9) Other management functions。Such as equipment diagnosis, planning, factory director and control room remote monitoring of the production process。

  Inverter application scheme:
  PLC and inverter through RS485 communication connection, improve the anti-interference ability of the system, control and protection function is perfect, can realize the motor soft start, soft stop。Frequency converter external terminal speed regulation can be divided into analog speed regulation and multi-speed speed regulation。Analog speed regulation The voltage DC0~10V or the current DC4~20mA can be used for stepless speed regulation。Our factory uses 0~10V analog voltage as feed quantity for closed-loop speed regulation;Through programming, PLC is calculated and compared according to the data collected on site, and the DC0~10V analog signal is sent out to carry out analog speed control。
  The DCS and FSSS control system of 130t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler undertaken by Yaojie Power Plant has been listed as a demonstration project by the State Economic and Trade Commission,Modular programming method and artificial intelligence technology are adopted,The on-line real-time monitoring and fault diagnosis system is successfully developed,The automatic monitoring and fault diagnosis of PLC system is realized。The system not only has the usual historical parameter record, behavior record, alarm event record, screen display, trend chart display, statistical report and other functions。In addition, it can quickly and accurately find the fault I/O points that occur instantaneously and recover after the fault occurs

  Factory digital monitoring system:
  The computer digital monitoring system adopts high-performance digital acquisition and compression technology and computer technology to replace a large number of monitors, video recorders, image segmentation, decoders, video switchers and matrix systems required by the traditional "analog" monitoring system。The digital monitoring system not only has low cost, but also simplifies the system, is easy to operate and maintain, and greatly improves the reliability and stability of the system。The digital monitoring system adopts advanced digital processing technology, which makes the image quality higher and easier to save, especially through various networks, the image can be transmitted remotely。

   Digital monitoring system by 4 (1 -32 cameras optional) high definition color (can be integrated camera/high speed spherical camera/hemispherical camera/low light camera) CCD camera (zoom or prime lens),Omnidirectional head (or fixed bracket),Beautiful and generous camera cover,A control device (decoder),A digital monitoring host and a digital monitoring system software,A flat color display and other equipment.

  New features of digital monitoring system:
  The digital monitoring system has a powerful image processing function, adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, etc., even in the case of very low illumination, it can also get high-quality images of the monitored object, and can save the image as a general format for further processing in professional image processing software。 
  The digital monitoring system can record the image of the captured object in the computer hard disk through digital compression technology, and automatically monitor the monitored object without interruption, and the system automatically circulates without manual intervention。Not only saves a lot of hard disk space, but also can print out the recorded image through the ordinary printer。 
  The unique moving target detection technology of digital monitoring system and image alarm based on digital technology can be fortificated directly by software on the screen。The system automatically "feels" the change of the target on the screen and generates an alarm according to the rate of change。 
  All the characteristics of the above digital monitoring system are unmatched by the traditional "analog" way of monitoring system。

  Features of digital monitoring system:
  Digital monitoring is the latest monitoring system in the high-tech field, it is a new generation of monitoring system that integrates multimedia technology, digital image processing and network remote transmission and other latest technologies, representing the development trend of monitoring system, and is used by more and more industry, commerce and other departments with certain economic and social benefits.Digital monitoring system has: advanced, practical, expansibility and economy。

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