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 Video surveillance is through the camera monitoring, the server to monitor the picture for recording, and has video acquisition and processing functions, management functions and control functions。It can not only carry out uninterrupted real-time monitoring of the monitoring site,The monitoring content can also be clearly recorded through various storage media for verification at any time,因此,Establish a complete monitoring system in the enterprise,It can improve site management and strengthen security and prevention,And it can create very favorable conditions for enterprises to realize safety modernization management,Improve overall production management。Video surveillance as a means of security, management, will bring you the following roles:

Due to monitoring and monitoring, it can directly improve the work efficiency of employees (employees, waiters, security guards, cashiers, managers) and play the effect of supervising employees。

The leaders of the company can also understand the operation of the unit anytime and anywhere through monitoring, and can find the problems that occur when the boss is not there, and solve the problems of enterprise management in a timely manner;

The installation of monitoring on each entrance and exit of the factory door of vehicles, personnel to fully monitor, vehicles including license plates, models, personnel including faces, carrying items。

Reduce the occurrence of violent cases such as theft and robbery, and even if it occurs, you can find out the suspects through monitoring, and protect the property losses of customers。

Avoid employee "lost" items dispute cases, with monitoring, from the psychological directly let them look at the stop。

The Public Security Bureau can greatly improve the efficiency of solving crimes and arresting criminal suspects through the call of the monitoring point video installed in the factory and mine, so that the suspect does not dare to approach "you" psychologically and leave unnecessary danger and trouble。

Video recording of fighting incidents occurring within the enterprise can then be copied to the relevant departments。

The psychological effects of surveillance

To employees (there is an invisible urge);

For customers (high safety factor);

To the manager (The boss has gained a pair of clairvoyance)。

With the help of remote monitoring, real-time collection and rapid centralization of field operation data can be realized,Obtain on-site monitoring data,It provides the material basis for remote fault diagnosis technology.Via remote monitoring,Technicians can monitor and control the operating status and various parameters of production systems and field equipment without having to be present on site or in harsh environments,Thereby reducing the number of staff on duty,Finally, no one or few people are on duty at the far end,To achieve the purpose of reducing staff and increasing efficiency。More and more enterprise groups are taking offRegional development trend, the use of network technology to achieve remote monitoring, enterprises to reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, improve the scientific and technological content of enterprise products, and enhance the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises are of great significance。

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