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Access control attendance technology is widely used in various fields of society, and the field of intelligent buildings is no exception。In recent years, through the application of access control attendance technology and the practice of intelligent building projects, our company deeply feels that the application of access control attendance technology has a strong role in promoting enterprise intelligence。First of all, the technology expands the application range of intelligent system integration, not only can realize the information exchange, sharing and unified management between the access control attendance system and the sub-systems of the building, but also can realize the information exchange between the access control attendance system and the building subsystems, unified management and linkage control。Access control and attendance technology enhances the overall functionality of the entire building。Application of access control and attendance system in intelligent building project,At present, it has covered personnel identification, management attendance, electronic access control, entrance and exit control, elevator control, vehicle access management, club consumption, personnel files, library information card and health card management, telephone charge management, electronic conference sign-in and voting and security patrol management。It can be seen that access control attendance has penetrated into all aspects of enterprise management and property management, making the management work more efficient and scientific, and bringing convenience and safety to People's Daily work and life。In the existing security products such as closed-circuit monitoring, infrared fortification, etc., can only achieve passive monitoring, while the access control system can actively control and detect the use of details of the management area, so as to achieve the function of security protection to meet the normal or special management needs。In the country, the digital security management, intelligent, the electronic trend of door locks is becoming increasingly obvious, access control system is gradually applied to finance, posts and telecommunications, electricity, office buildings, hotels, residential areas and the majority of enterprises and institutions。Access control attendance management system is the organic combination of information management, computer control, IC card technology and electronic door locks, and then the IC card replaces the key, with the computer, the implementation of intelligent management。It has many functions such as authorization, record, inquiry, statistics, anti-theft, alarm and so on,It can also be used for personnel management,Tandem control,Deployment and withdrawal of defense,Effectively solve a variety of shortcomings of traditional door locks,At the same time access control attendance with modern information technology,Ensure the safety of the overall operation,To achieve the unity of personnel, documents and photos,Realized the "entry registration, exit registration, portrait one-to-one correspondence, personal items registration, hierarchical management, historical record query, report summary" and other functions,Can efficiently record, store, query and summarize the relevant information of visitors,Successfully solved the problems of internal personnel entry and exit management and temporary visitors visit registration management。
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