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What does the newcom tell you is a pedestrian advertising door?
Publisher: New Communication     Views: 5429     Release time: 2018/6/9

Pedestrian advertising doors are divided into automatic and manual opening methods,A new type of advertising carrier,The perfect combination of the entrance door and advertising communication in the community,It is mainly used for the entrance and exit of the residential pedestrian passage,Intra-cell channel,Commercial pedestrian corridor,Hotel aisles and other places that need to control the flow of people,Because it adds a unique advertising light box to the traditional wrought iron door,Its unique lighting effect at night,It not only enhances the high-end image of the entrance and exit of the community, but also provides a richer choice for the dissemination of media advertising information,Added community owners and properties,Information bridge between advertisers,It is the primary choice of supporting facilities for residential properties now and in the future。

Pedestrian advertising doors for the dissemination of advertising,Community or business district as outdoor media delivery area,The target group is shifted from dispersed mobile groups to stable targeted regional customer groups,More accurate targeting,Advertising is more targeted,Long-term stable advertising visual presentation is more conducive to the formation of subtle advertising effect,It is the most competitive low-cost and high-yield advertising carrier in the future。

Core functions of pedestrian advertising door:

1: Automatic type using gear group deceleration, positive and negative 180 degree rotation, left and right door is not restricted;

2: According to the direction of the door opening, the location of the magnetic lock can be changed at will;

3: The use of Hall deceleration double limit precision limit, to ensure that at any Angle, can be adjusted to use, in place to decelerate, reduce the impact of the door;

4: fast walk and slow stop function, the speed is faster during operation, the opening and closing is about to be, when in place, immediately slow down to ensure that the door body switches smoothly;

5: Manual type, using the door closing device to control the direction of closing the door, by adjusting the door closing device pressure reducing valve, can play a smooth deceleration of the closing effect;

6: The door body is formed by cold-rolled plate mold, and is treated by three-layer anti-rust, anti-static and anti-ultraviolet technology, so that the chassis can effectively extend the anti-rust time and have a longer life in the outdoor harsh environment;

7: Built-in high-light LED light strip, lighting at night, making the advertising effect more obvious, increase the richness of the product;

8: No matter automatic type or manual type, the identity control of entering and leaving personnel can be used with the access control system。

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