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How to solve high altitude projectile?
Publisher: New Communication     Views: 3187     Release time: 2021/3/30

 A high-altitude projectile is called"The pain hanging over the city" has been paid much attention to the behavior of throwing objects at high altitude. As an uncivilized behavior in the city, it also brings great social harm。Once throwing objects at high altitude causes serious consequences such as personal casualties and heavy property losses, the perpetrators should be investigated for legal responsibility。

   The Civil Code, which will be implemented soon, further stipulates the legal responsibility of throwing objects from high altitude。

  Article 1,254 states, "It is forbidden to throw articles from buildings.。If articles thrown from a building or falling from a building cause damage to others, the infringer shall bear tort liability according to law;If it is difficult to determine the specific infringer after investigation, compensation shall be given by the building user who may cause harm, unless he can prove that he is not the infringer。The building user who may cause harm shall have the right to recover from the infringer after compensation."。

  "Property service enterprises and other building managers shall take necessary security measures to prevent the occurrence of the situation provided for in the preceding paragraph;Those who fail to take necessary security measures shall bear the tort liability for failing to fulfill the security obligations according to law."。

    Because the implementation of this uncivilized behavior is mostly high-altitude floors, there are few witnesses, and the falling speed is very fast, the throwing time is very short, and even some people deliberately hide the figure when throwing, the consequences can not confirm which floor the throwing comes from, the whole building has becomeThe "accused", shared responsibility。

   Therefore, owners and property owners should have a sense of security, it is necessary to use high-tech means, such as the installation of cameras in the community to monitor the time, not only to deter the poor quality of people at will, but also to collect evidence after the incident and pursue the legal responsibility of the relevant personnel。

High altitude parabolic solutions

The overall structure of the high-altitude parabolic monitoring scheme is basically similar to that of the conventional video surveillance system;

1, more intelligent, more accurate

    Through the intelligent analysis camera, real-time monitoring of high-altitude throwing behavior, when the system detects the behavior of high-altitude throwing, it will immediately alarm and notify the relevant personnel to go to the scene for the first time, the system detects the object with high accuracy, at the same time, the system can also accurately mark it and display it for convenient traceability。

2, many application scenarios, wide range of application

  High-altitude parabolic camera has ultra-high capturing speed, can accurately capture high-speed falling objects, can ensure the integrity of forensic information, the whole process only needs to pass 10 seconds of video recording, can generate real-time object falling track, not to miss any second of evidence。After the upshot Angle adjustment and setting, the monitoring only captures the Windows and balconies of each floor, avoiding the situation of the residents' homes。

  Deploy high-altitude parabolic monitoring in the entire community, and connect to the property equipment management platform of the community, the street management platform and the unified management platform of the district government through the background。In addition to being used for alarm evidence collection, it can also provide technical support for the daily management of owners, property owners, street offices and government agencies at all levels for the collection, archiving, alarm evidence collection, management statistics and other needs。

3. Flexible and efficient deployment, easy access, strong compatibility and easy maintenance

   The high-altitude parabolic camera also has the characteristics of flexible deployment, strong compatibility and easy maintenance。The deployment is flexible, and the system algorithm is very intelligent, which is not affected by weather, light, night and other conditions。In addition, it also has the characteristics of high accuracy, low false positive rate, and can quickly identify and track high-altitude projectile events, greatly reducing labor costs and improving the civilization of the community。

   This program mainly supervises the uncivilized behavior of people throwing objects at high altitude, so as to avoid possible injuries to ground vehicles, personnel, public property, etc。It can effectively obtain the floor information of the hurler and the overall record of the incident of throwing objects at high altitude, and curb the occurrence of this uncivilized behavior to a certain extent。

   Let's take a look at parabolic camera selection and equipment installation。

   For the height of the floor, we need to be purposeful design, one is the size of the camera lens, the second is the distance between the pole and the building, the specific reference can be as follows:

   The camera should be a parabolic camera, with two options of fixed focus and zoom。It has the characteristics of deep waterproof, large aperture and no disturbing。

   The camera should be installed according to the height of the floor, select the appropriate distance to install, through the rotation Angle of the support, according to the actual scene fixed between 60° to 80° elevation, as shown in the following figure:

Program highlights and application value

1, record the throwing process, the event has evidence to follow

    Full floor coverage, effective record personnel in the high altitude throwing and other uncivilized behavior caused property damage, casualties and other accident process。Backtrack to determine the floor, narrow it down, and identify the responsible parties。

2, deter throwing personnel, reduce accidents

    Through the installation of monitoring equipment, typical, play a deterrent role, increase the awareness of owners, to a certain extent to deter throwing personnel, reduce the occurrence of uncivilized events or major accidents。

3, ultra high definition image capture

  采用 4K ultra HD starlight camera, the high-level picture quality display is clearer, the details are clearer。

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