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Surveillance shooting: supermarket "sheep man"
Publisher: New Communication     Number of views: 3371     Release time: 2021/4/6

  In the security construction, the monitoring system has always played an important role。With our country's attention to the cause of security, in recent years, the use of monitoring equipment in various fields of society has become more extensive, many users in the family, shops, warehouses and other places have installed video surveillance。While warning criminals, it also recorded relevant data, which provided data support for the legislative investigation of public security organs in the future。

 At present, Ms. Wen, a Yanji citizen, went to a supermarket in Yanji to buy food, and walked out of the supermarket after the checkout, and found that the phone was missing, and immediately returned to the supermarket to look for it。

  After the supermarket staff learned of the situation, they actively helped Ms. Wen to find the mobile phone, and at Ms. Wen's request, they retrieved the surveillance video。In the footage, Ms Wen left her mobile phone on the cash register, followed by anotherThe woman in her 30s picked up Ms. Wen's mobile phone and put it in her bag and walked away quickly。

  Ms. Wen found the contact information of the woman who picked up the phone through other channels, and after making a call, the other party has not answered。In desperation, Ms. Wen called the police。At present, the police are helping Ms. Wen to find her mobile phone。

  With our country"Safe China", "smart city" and other favorable policies of the implementation of China's security industry is developing rapidly, security awareness is more popular。In the construction of security systems, various new technologies have been successfully applied to monitoring equipment, and have been rapidly developed in a short period of time。The demand for video surveillance in public places is soaring year by year。

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