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Luohe 48 volt solar controller ball camera Haikang no network no electricity surveillance camera
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Replacement of accessories: replacement of touch screen, battery, front and rear cameras, handset, speaker, shaker, button, camera head, handset, speaker, etc。 6, computer maintenance: desktop/laptop automatic shutdown, restart, boot did not respond, blue screen, flower screen, crash, installation system, computer assembly, data recovery; 7, office equipment maintenance: printer/copier, installation, maintenance, adding powder and ink, no power, paper jam, abnormal paper feed, not online, printing and copying is not clear, printer sharing Settings;Access control, road gate; 8, monitoring network and integrated wiring: network maintenance, monitoring installation and maintenance;Network building and maintenance, LAN sharing;Router installation and debugging, wireless network debugging, WiFi password forgotten; Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. engaged in security monitoring engineering design, installation, maintenance and professional security monitoring equipment sales, mainly including audio and video surveillance, building intercom, anti-theft alarm, electronic patrol, public broadcasting, parking lot system。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in weak current, security and IT industries of high-tech enterprises, the company set project contracting, product wholesale, sales, installation, service in one。,Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is a Zhengzhou monitoring system installation and maintenance, monitoring equipment, camera camera installation, home security monitoring, access control system, weak current engineering, integrated wiring, video surveillance, alarm system, anti-theft system, smart home as one of the multi-faceted technical service company,To provide you with satisfactory solutions。Welcome to inquire。

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