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Sanmenxia 4c solar monitoring camera White city surveillance camera
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Henan new communication intelligent Engineering Co., LTD. Access control system, parking system, visitor system。Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in providing enterprises with: monitoring installation, maintenance, wholesale, accessories, warranty and other integrated services, monitoring installation prices are more reasonable, accessories are more complete, after-sales service is more in place。Zhengzhou monitoring system installation company mainly contracted all over the country and the province's major weak current system integration engineers, product wholesale manufacturers, security companies and other weak current projects in Henan province。The scope includes: installation monitoring, building intercom, home red alarm, access control installation, parking lot gate installation and maintenance, integrated wiring, multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, LED display, song system and other intelligent weak current system construction and installation team, has all kinds of weak current system maintenance, maintenance, repair, and transformation of the type of company。 Henan New Communication Technology Co., LTD., engaged in weak current construction since, by the majority of customers recognition, trust and support, business scope involves all over the province/government agencies, schools, airports, hotels KTV, enterprises, factories。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in monitoring and installation and providing Henan product anti-theft, Henan Internet alarm, Henan video surveillance, Henan home security, infrared alarm, anti-theft, home security monitoring, intelligent fingerprint lock and other products and services。。 Sanmenxia 4c solar monitoring camera White city surveillance camera Henan new communication smart home supplies hall Smart living Smart home Taste life, show luxury, Henan new communication curtains warm and warm family indispensable decoration!Henan new communication smart home products pavilion your assured choice Mainly engaged in curtain,墙布,Clothes drying rack,The whole house smart home system, security monitoring, integrated wiring, wireless coverage, computer room construction, optical fiber welding, group telephone, building intercom, intelligent parking system, system integration, face recognition system, attendance access control, etc,One-stop service for families and small and medium enterprises in 30 minutes。Changzhou installation monitoring, monitoring installation, monitoring wiring installation, remote monitoring, network monitoring, building automation, weak current monitoring security, weak current construction, weak current integrated wiring attendance access control Company business scope: First, intelligent system 1.Whole house smart home system: remote control voice control, smart curtains, smart home appliances, smart clothes drying rack 2.Remote network monitoring: network HD video monitoring coaxial HD monitoring digital HD monitoring mobile phone remote monitoring 3.Network cabling room construction network switch group telephone 4.Access control, attendance, card: network access control fingerprint attendance machine 6.Burglar alarm: infrared beam electronic fence 7.Elevator or building intercom: elevator wireless intercom system, building visual or non-visual intercom system 9 Wireless Network Coverage (Wireless AP) 10.Monitoring system equipment repair and maintenance 11.Fiber welding: fiber welding, fiber wiring, fiber access Service target: Family houses, rental houses, apartments, villas, offices, office buildings, hotels, guesthouses, factories, shops, etc Regular company, professional staff。Provide free on-site to see the program, on-site quotation, the same day construction。Small projects: telephone communication on the spot quotation, large projects: telephone communication - site survey - planning scheme - scheme quotation - contract signing - on-site construction - commissioning and maintenance Ii. Project workflow: 1, free to visit the site, communicate with customers on site, know customer needs; 2, according to customer needs, work out the plan, budget, drawings for customer confirmation; 3, after the initial confirmation of the customer, visit and negotiate with the customer to determine the final plan and quotation; 4. Sign the contract; 5. Construction personnel enter the site for construction, installation and commissioning of equipment; 6, customer acceptance; 7. Pay the corresponding amount according to the contract, provide training and engineering documents; Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is a dedicated video surveillance camera sales and installation manufacturers;Products include 4G surveillance camera, solar integrated machine,360 degree panoramic camera, high-speed ball, surveillance camera (analog) and other series。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., LTD., focusing on security monitoring installation and network cabling, intelligent construction, access control attendance, machine room construction and all weak current projects, with the "craftsman spirit" to do real customer service。trustworthy。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is Fujitsu palm vein recognition instrument Zhengzhou general agent, Fujitsu palm vein recognition is a high security biometric technology, the company also wholesale access control system license plate recognition system equipment。Henan New Communication Intelligent Engineering Co., LTD., more than 10 years specialized in Zhengzhou area monitoring installation/license plate recognition/network wiring/access control installation/electronic fence and other weak current engineering solutions, professional design and construction team to provide you with assured services。The main products of Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. include automatic door system, electric traffic railing machine, access control system, parking lot system, etc. Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is your trusted partner。

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