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Shangqiu 4g solar monitoring network HD hemisphere camera Anvision surveillance camera
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Explosion-proof infrared ball camera, Henan New Communication Intelligent Engineering Co., LTD.), is a set of video surveillance equipment engineering contracting, product wholesale, manufacturing in one of the high-tech enterprises。To provide the world's leading security monitoring products and professional industry solutions, as well as supporting quality services and technical support, continue to create greater value for customers。,Since its establishment, Henan New Communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to security integrated business management platform, security network storage and private cloud setup scheme design and development, intelligent analysis algorithm security artificial intelligence application integration custom design and development, cloud live broadcast operation system, computer vision technology, pattern recognition technology, visual perception technology development and product integration;Henan New communication company with a wealth of engineering contract design, product and application integration technology and perfect quality control,To provide customers with innovative and excellent system products/application solutions and services;With 14 years of accumulated industry precipitation。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., LTD., 15 years of monitoring and installation experience, more than 30 branches across the country to provide you with localized services。36018 customer choice, is your greater confidence guarantee。。 Door-to-door service throughout the city;Henan New communication has covered all areas of the city;Henan New Communication is a business with more than 10 years of installation and maintenance experience。 Henan New communication adhering to the "sincere service, exquisite technology, integrity, customer first" concept to serve every customer of Henan New communication。Fast door-to-door, on call, maintenance and after-sales at the same speed to the scene is the commitment of Henan New communication to all customers and the requirements of all engineers of Henan New Communication。Maintenance after sale is guaranteed!Your choice at ease; 1, mobile phone and digital: battery replacement: screen replacement, motherboard failure, software failure: system upgrade, system jailbreak, solve the boot password, accessories replacement; 2, home appliances and equipment maintenance;Household appliances: air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, water heater, stove, audio and video appliances, small household appliances, kitchen appliances;Electronic balance, cold storage, mahjong machine; 3, computer: desktop/laptop automatic shutdown, restart, boot did not respond, blue screen, flower screen, crash, installation system, computer assembly, data recovery; 4, monitoring network and integrated wiring: network maintenance, monitoring installation and maintenance;Network building and maintenance, LAN sharing;Router installation and debugging, wireless network debugging, WiFi password forgotten; 5, office maintenance: printer/copier, installation, maintenance, adding powder and ink, no power, paper jam, abnormal paper feed, not online, printing and copying is not clear, printer sharing Settings;Access control, road gate; If hardware failure is diagnosed, if personal reasons do not repair, only on-site inspection fees are charged。In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and service quality, do not deal with technicians privately, so as not to cause unnecessary losses。 If you are not satisfied with the service of the master, please contact Henan New communication feedback complaints, Henan new communication will follow up in time。 Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is a collection of Henan,Zhengzhou video surveillance installation,Office equipment maintenance,Weak current intelligent engineering,Splicing screen,Sound reinforcement system,Stage lighting control system,Intelligent parking lot,Large screen display system,Integrated wiring,Access control system,camera,Security monitoring design and construction one-stop service integrator。Henan new communication company to provide you with satisfactory solutions, honest cooperation, mutual benefit, welcome to inquire。,Henan new communication intelligent engineering Co., LTD,Professional Zhengzhou surveillance camera installation company,专业,诚信,Zhengzhou has low charges for installing surveillance cameras,Good service,Zhengzhou monitoring installation company service area: Minhang surveillance camera installation,Songjiang surveillance camera installation,Jiading surveillance camera installation,Jinshan surveillance camera installation,Fengxian district installed surveillance cameras,Zhengzhou video surveillance installation company selected Henan new communication intelligent engineering Co., LTD。, Henan New Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional monitoring installation in Zhengzhou,,New communication technology mainly serves high-end residential buildings,Smart home,Private club,Jewelry store,High-end office building,学校,工厂,Supermarket monitoring system installation and anti-theft alarm system installation,Tailored solutions,Accurate field survey,15 years installation experience,Butler service for life,New communication technology adheres to the needs of users as the core,While focusing on security and local market development,Provide security services for more than a thousand users。Henan Zhengzhou New communication Network Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xixiang Tang District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, the main monitoring installation, security system, high-definition camera, anti-theft alarm system, monitoring accessories, network wiring and so on。Henan New communication company specializes in the sale of high-definition surveillance cameras and related security monitoring products, and is responsible for the design and construction of security projects。Henan new communication company has all kinds of surveillance cameras, both high-definition analog cameras, but also remote real-time monitoring network cameras, to meet the various needs of different customers, and provide free testing services, not satisfied with the charge。The company has more professional monitoring installation equipment, is your trusted monitoring。Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in the sales, design and construction of intelligent security products。With security credit card。The company's main business: video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system, card access control system, conference system, broadcast system, security patrol system, intelligent parking lot charging system sales, design and construction installation。

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