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Zhengzhou enterprise unit fiber perimeter intrusion alarm pulse electronic high voltage fence installation and sales company
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Animal husbandry electronic fence which brand is good, The characteristics of school security: the school campus is relatively large, there are many houses, and it is difficult for security personnel to find intruders。Students control relatively poor, fun and other characteristics, often climb over the wall out and so on。Therefore, a better security system is needed: Barriers are the main - high voltage grids and warning signs will create psychological pressure to prevent outsiders from invading and school students from climbing out of school。When someone attempts to cross, an electric shock is given to the jumper, causing the jumper to recoil。Of course, this electric shock will not be harmful to the human body, but will make them retreat。 Timely alarm - the electronic fence can be erected according to the specific terrain, no safety blind spots, little affected by weather, animals and plants, and low false alarm rate。It can also be linked with security, computers, etc., when the alarm camera can be turned to the corresponding position, but also remote control, convenient and fast, very suitable for use in schools。It can save manpower, but also save material resources, the price is cheap, and it can be applied well in the school。 School electronic fence installation precautions: 1, do not use the electronic fence system in the perimeter of flammable and explosive products, and maintain a safe distance when used in special circumstances; 2, the electronic fence host can not be installed in wet, too high or too low temperature environment; 3, please do not install electronic fence in thunderstorm days; 4, the electronic fence rain box should be installed at a height that is easy to repair and maintain; 5. Whether there is a strong interference source near the installation site of the electronic fence device (such as high-frequency equipment such as transmitting radio) 6, electronic fence products once abnormal situation, should first cut off the power, and notify professional installation or maintenance personnel, such as technical personnel can not solve, please contact the electronic fence manufacturers do not disassemble and repair; 7, the user of electronic fence products is the user, must have electrical safety and electric shock rescue knowledge, must go through professional training, familiar with the correct use of Henan new communication products。 Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Company Service area:Zhengzhou, Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Jinshui District, Huiji District, Guancheng District, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou, Xinzheng City, Dengfeng City, Xinmi City, Zhongmou County, Zhengdong New District, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Puyang, Xuchang, Luohe, Sanmenxia, Nanyang, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Jiyuan and so on! Henan New communication intelligent engineering company mainly engaged in electronic fence system, pulse electronic fence, new communication electronic fence, inductive electronic fence, leakage cable, vibration cable, vibration optical fiber, perimeter alarm system.With the development of the city, modern people pay more and more attention to the security awareness of residential communities。The surrounding environment of the complex mobile population, which brings great challenges to security。The new generation of pulse alarm electronic fence defense system can effectively monitor the perimeter of the community

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