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Zhengzhou bar perimeter alarm ring mountain fence fence net installation sales company
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Henan New communication intelligent Engineering company is a collection of design,R&d and production as one of the high-tech security enterprises,It is a senior product manufacturer and precise solution provider in the security industry!The product involves anti-theft alarm,Explosion-proof audio and video,IP new communication intercom,Perimeter guard alarm,Industry NB intelligent and smart safe city。To this day,The company has 16 years of product manufacturing experience,Industry program design is accurate,Its subordinate CVC brand is a brand in the security industry,New communication is willing to face the future with our customers,Sincere cooperation,Achieve win-win situation!,Henan new communication electronic equipment installation Co., Ltd. specializes in Henan new communication wire mesh company main: all kinds of electronic fence installation,Provide detailed information such as company introduction。South LED Control, Henan Electronic fence, Zhengzhou monitoring installation and installation,。 Henan 2G+4G code positioning technical investigation (solution) _ Henan New Communication,2G+4G detection and positioning technology,Price: Negotiable,Moq :1 Address: Room 604-A, 64, 66 East Jianzhong Road, Jinshui District, Henan Province,Above Henan 2G+4G code positioning technical investigation Criminal investigation (solution),You can also view more product information related to Henan 2G+4G code positioning technical investigation and criminal investigation (solution) _ Henan New Communication,Henan vibrating fiber, Zhengzhou leakage cable, Tianjin pulse electronic fence _ Pulse electronic fence - Vibrating fiber _ Henan New Communication,Pulse electronic fence - Vibrating optical fiber,,。 Installation of freestanding electronic fence 1.Independent electronic fence, installed about 1 meter from the inside of the wall。Due to its height up to 2.1m到2.4m, the number of wires is 12-20, so the new communication between the wire and the terminal rod and the metal rod is large, therefore, the terminal rod and the metal rod must have sufficient strength, and the buried terminal rod and the metal rod must be stable。If the soil is solid, the lower end of the terminal rod and the metal rod can be directly buried 600mm underground for fixing。If the rigidity of the terminal rod and metal rod is not enough, the support should be increased。The distance between the terminal rod is 100m。Independent electronic fence, one or both sides should be equipped with protective nets or walls。Its height should not be less than 1.2m, the bottom wire of the electronic fence is 150mm from the ground。The horizontal clear distance between the electronic fence and the protective net or wall is not less than 1m。 2.The middle pole, although it does not withstand the new communication role of the wire, must support the pressure of multiple lines, therefore, it also needs to be installed firmly。It can be installed by embedding method。The distance between the middle pole is less than 5m。 Installation of insulators and wires 1.Installation of terminal insulators Hang the terminal insulator to the terminal rod with the terminal insulator retaining clip。It should be noted that the fixing clip should be inserted into the far hole of the insulator, so that the wire and the fixing clip exert pressure on the insulator, rather than pulling。 2.Installation of metal pole insulators Metal pole insulators can be attached to the metal pole with cored rivets or screws。Pay attention to the installation direction of the metal pole insulator。 3.Installation of intermediate pole insulators The middle pole insulator is a spherical insulator, which is divided into two parts of the sphere and the fixed part. First, the sphere and the fixed part are fitted into the wire pole, and after adjusting the position and direction of the insulator, the fixed part is loaded into the sphere and fixed。Therefore, the intermediate pole insulator should be pre-installed on the intermediate pole before installation。Adjust the direction and distance (the direction and distance of each pole are required to be consistent) and fix it。When installing the middle pole to the site, attention should be paid to the arrangement direction of the insulators to maintain a beautiful appearance。 4.Connection of wires A pulse host coupled with a certain length of front fence will form an independent and complete perimeter defense area。The connection of its wires must follow the following principles: 4.1 One defense area is a serial loop From the launching part to the front fence, and then to the receiving part, must be connected in series, not parallel, not branch。 4.2 Wire across the intersection, must use high-voltage wire connection, so as not to cause conduction or short circuit and other phenomena。据此,A connection wire that transmits part of the high voltage output to the beginning of the front fence,The upper lead of the front fence is transferred to the jumper of the lower lead,Connecting wire from the end of the front fence to the receiving part,The cables between the two adjacent front fences that need to be routed through the overhead or buried mode must use high-voltage insulated wires。 4.3 The system should have a good grounding system。There should be a good conductive direct connection between the device and the grounding network。The contact resistance should not be greater than 0.5Ω。It is recommended to use galvanized flat iron or multiple copper wires with a section diameter of about 10mm。 4.4 The connection between alloy wires can be made in two ways One is to use its own winding method to connect, the joint should be wound tightly, not less than five laps。 The second is to use a wire connector connection, first to connect the two wire heads, through the connector, and then use pliers to press the wire in the connector。Because the crimping is not necessarily very tight, it may be loose, so it is also necessary to wrap the two heads on their own wires, and the winding must be tightly wrapped alloy wire, and the number of winding laps is not less than 5 laps。 5.Underground wiring 6.1 When the electronic fence is to be wired underground, the high-voltage insulated wire should be selected and inserted into the insulated threading tube。The wire with positive electrode and the wire with negative electrode respectively pass into different insulated tubes。 6.2 The underground wiring of the electronic fence, the high-voltage insulated wire should not have a joint as far as possible, and the joint of the high-voltage insulated wire should be avoided as far as possible。Because the ground is usually wet, it is difficult to maintain good insulation strength at the joint。If the joint cannot be avoided, the insulation of the joint part should be strengthened。For example, silicone rubber is used to seal, or the joint is turned above the ground。 Henan New communication intelligent Engineering Company Service area:Zhengzhou, Zhongyuan District, Erqi District, Jinshui District, Huiji District, Guancheng District, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou, Xinzheng City, Dengfeng City, Xinmi City, Zhongmou County, Zhengdong New District, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Puyang, Xuchang, Luohe, Sanmenxia, Nanyang, Shangqiu, Xinyang, Zhoukou, Zhumadian, Jiyuan and so on!   Henan electronic fence manufacturers: With the development of science and technology, modern public safety protection equipment is becoming more and more scientific and technological, pulse electronic fence is a new type of perimeter alarm products。It is not limited by terrain environment and has high safety performance。In the community, Henan New communication Technology Co., LTD., professional installation and sales of security perimeter alarm equipment, mainly pulse electronic fence, electrostatic induction cable, tension fence, industrial sound and light alarm system, etc. New intersection has perimeter alarm system electronic fence senior design, installation, sales and installation services。With skilled R & D, installation team and sales team, the main brand of new communication "new communication" is the top 100 domestic security brand, welcome to consult and visit to negotiate cooperation matters。Henan New Communication is a professional production and installation of electronic fence, pulse electronic fence, electronic fence host, imported electronic fence, leakage cable host and other electronic fence security equipment products high-tech enterprises, constantly adapt to the needs of China's security customers, at any time to provide system integration service technology and fault maintenance!Henan New communication Intelligent Engineering Company is a high-tech company based on the research and development and installation of perimeter alarm systems such as electronic fences and buried leakage cables. It focuses on new selling points and market demand, and takes humanization and intelligence as the direction of product development。, one.About Henan electronic fence daily operation and maintenance points: 1.The staff must perform power outage maintenance once every three months in order to maintain the working environment of the host equipment

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