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Silver trade city wireless coverage scheme
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Silver trade city wireless coverage scheme

Henan new communication intelligent engineering Co., LTD2014.10.24

一、 概述 3

二、潮WiFiPlatform system introduction 4

1. Function introduction 4

2, user terminal use 5

3、潮WIFINetworking diagram 6

4. Cloud platform equipment management 7

5. Business management center 7

6. Equipment management and control 8

7、智能QOS 9

8. Wireless probe technology 9

Third, the use of tideWIFIThe benefit of 10

1. Online and offline transactions increase turnover 10

2. Product display 10

3. Advertising 11

4, improve customer dependence 12

5. Precision marketing 12

Fourth, the mall wireless coverage scheme 13

1. Principles of system design 13

2. Wireless network architecture 15

3. Wireless network function design 17

4、IPAddress planning and design 18

5、WLANFrequency planning 19

6、APDeployment scheme design 21

7. Equipment list 22

V. Concluding remarks 23

附录 24


According to statistics, China's mobile Internet users reach8.3.8 billion, mobile phones overtook desktop computers to become the largest Internet terminal。At present, the number of 3G users in China has broken through4.19100 million, more mobile phone users12.3.5 billion, through wireless Wifi has become an important means for users to work, consume and entertainment online, free wireless Wifi will gather a large number of users, become an important information push and e-commerce platform, wireless Wifi is a necessity for mobile Internet。The wireless Wifi set up by traditional operators can only provide piped wireless Internet access solutions, which are not only high cost, long laying cycle, and serious electromagnetic pollution, but also bring no actual value to the majority of merchants and users, and can not play the role of gathering popularity, guiding the flow of people, and accurately pushing information。Intelligent Wifi converts wired broadband signals into Wifi signals through enterprise-class terminals with routing functions,Change the traditional carrier model,Switch from charging for installed bandwidth traffic to providing free traffic,Provide value-added advertising to merchants through Wifi signals,To provide consumers with the most valuable business information,Reduce intermediate links,Connect merchants and consumers peer-to-peer,Achieve a win-win situation for businesses and consumers!Smart Wifi is the information transmission channel in the era of mobile Internet,The tide Wifi is the leader of smart Wifi,Tide Wifi deeply integrates SoLoMo, micro e-commerce and CRM to create a smart merchant management platform。

Zhengzhou Yinji Trade City is the largest investment project of Hong Kong Sheng Hong Investment Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou, with a total investment1.8 billion yuan, is the central Plains region's largest clothing wholesale base。Yinji Trade City now has more than 6,000 business, nearly 2,000 famous clothing factories, only 100 meters away from Zhengzhou Railway Station, the daily passenger flow of 200,000 people, the source of tourists radiation more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, daily turnover of tens of millions of yuan, annual turnover of more than 4 billion yuan。With sweaters, children's wear, men's and women's fashion, casual wear, leather, cosmetics, shoes, bedding and other professional markets,It brings together tens of thousands of varieties from thousands of garment manufacturers in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Wenzhou, Shishi, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Beijing, Hangzhou, etc,With large scale, variety, high quality, low price by the central Plains of the vast number of consumers welcome,Gained the social reputation of "operating clothing to Silver base", "wholesale clothing to Silver base" and "buying clothing to Silver base"

With the development of the Internet, Zhengzhou Yinji Trade City strongly feels the necessity of the Internet and brings unlimited business opportunities, and wirelessWiFi is the best choice, the tide WiFi wireless WiFi into commercial WiFi mode is in line with the current situation facing the silver base trade city, the Silver base trade city to another peak。

二、潮WiFiPlatform system introduction

Driven by the rapid development of mobile Internet and the vigorous development of micro-e-commerce,We wanted to find an innovative approach,Open the entrance of business for offline entities through the mobile Internet,Close integration of online and offline,Help offline merchants maintain their customer base through online means,Facilitate its information release and customer interaction,Through based tideThe intelligent network platform of WIFI builds a cross-marketing system based on social networking, mobile networking and related physical stores, maintains the relationship and interaction between offline merchants and customers, and builds intelligent services for shopping malls, thereby improving the sales volume, customer stability and repeat rate of shopping malls。

1, function introduction

We provide three-dimensional marketing and precise information push solutions based on the current new wireless communication technology and leading micro e-commerce platforms:

1. Equip the mall with full coverage of the tide WIFI network, and convert the cable network into wireless Internet signal through the tide WIFI to provide customers with free use。

2, once the user is connected to the tide WIFI, open the browser for the mall exclusive page display, push the latest discount information and order services。

3. After successful login, the user will automatically jump to the homepage of the shopping mall, which is used to display the culture, services and characteristics of the shopping mall。

3, tide WIFI cloud management platform will automatically collect user behavior and information through tide WIFI, for shopping malls to do CRM, passenger flow analysis, consumer behavior analysis and other big data mining and business intelligence analysis。

2, user terminal use

Users do not need a password to log inWIFI open the web page is the first display of shopping mall advertising page, users can obtain authentication rights through mobile phone number, QQ, wechat, login successfully browse the web page, while the page will jump to the main page of the shopping mall website。

Login method using wechat authentication:

Access tideWIFI, open the browser, jump to the promotional page。

Click login immediately, jump to the prompt page, prompt to pay attention to the mall official wechat public account authentication

Log in to wechat, scan the mall's official wechat QR code, click Follow。

The mall's official wechat will push a graphic message to the user, click on the graphic message can be authenticated successfully。


3、潮WIFINetworking diagram

WIFI networking diagram

4Cloud platform device management

wifi intelligent marketing cloud platform turns the local management into cloud management, logging in to the management cloud platform anytime and anywhere, you can manage your own device, understand the device running status, remote upgrade, etc., so that management is more convenient and easier。

5Merchant management center

Shopping malls can upload data to the business management center through the network to update the preset business information。User through login tideWIFI browse business advertisements and get the authentication login page by jumping, log in and connect to the Internet through various authentication methods。Merchants can read user information and browse data in the merchant management center to form statistical reports at a glance。

Passenger flow statistics

Advertising statistics

6, equipment managementAnd control

On my device, I can see the number of devices currently online. The device name indicates the device floor location information or numbering method. When a device is offline or has a problem, I can directly see it in the background or remotely restart it。


Merchants can pre-set the minimum Internet traffic and network traffic of their own devices according to their own bandwidth, and automatically identify Internet access devices when there are too many access users, and intelligently allocate the Internet speed of each user to ensure the Internet speed of each user。

8Wireless probe technology

The user carries the terminal into the wireless coverage area, tideWiFi no line will scan its own signal range,Calculate the position of the different signal points,The terminal is scanned when it comes into range of the wireless signal,The terminal mac address is obtained,Then according to the signal strength and signal point of the terminal,Confirm the terminal location and the terminal's movement path,That is to get the user's behavior trajectory。Based on this information, the length and behavior track of a user at a certain location can be obtained, and the user's interest in a certain product or shop or the flow rate and popularity of the shop can be analyzed。You can also use the user's behavior track to confirm that the user is interested in a store and also interested in several stores。To help shopping malls or merchants choose better marketing programs。

Third, the use of tideWIFIThe benefit of

1Online and offline trading to increase turnover

Users entering the mall can log in tideWIFI connection to the external network, online check the shopping mall brand check-in information, restaurant seats and other online booking, payment, do not need to consult the front desk, you can grasp the details of the shopping mall shops, search for the required goods, improve trading volume and customer satisfaction。

2, product display

Users connect through the tideWIFI access to the mall micro-website home page, browse the mall environment store location displayed on the website, you can do online transactions without queuing, self-service pickup or mail delivery, improve the transaction rate, complete the perfect combination of online and offline。

3, advertising

Users are logging inWIFI has a number of advertising Spaces, which can be provided to the shopping mall to introduce the shopping mall, display the environment of various shops and restaurants, etc., for promoting the culture and product information of the shopping mall. Users follow the wechat public number of the merchant according to their own interests to complete online interaction。

<, /A>4Improve customer dependence

Connecting tideWiFi users need to use their mobile phone number, QQ, Weibo, wechat and other ways to log in through authentication。Tide WiFi intelligent marketing platform through user authentication, get user information, shopping malls can interact with customers through this information, push shopping mall publicity, booking, offers and other information。

5, precision marketing

After mining user information through user authentication, combining the wireless probe technology of shopping mall and user consumption behavior record, the user is analyzed.

5.1. After the user comes to the shopping mall for the first time and accesses the Internet through the tide WiFi wireless authentication, the user's information and behavior track have been recorded, and the wireless probe technology is used to analyze which goods the user is interested in, and the consumer behavior is obtained by combining the user's consumption record。

5.2. When the user leaves the mall for a period of time, according to the analysis of the user's interest and consumption behavior, push a wechat public account or SMS message of the mall to remind the user of a discount of a product or merchant, or the introduction of a new product of a brand, so as to promote secondary consumption。

5.3, when the user comes to the shopping mall for the second time, it will receive a shopping mall wechat public number or SMS message, reminding welcome back and other welcome words, while pushing some new products to the user。

5.4, when the user has not appeared in the mall for a period of time, you can push a user's interest in the product or brand information, remind the user how long has not come and other information。

Fourth, the mall wireless coverage scheme

1Principles of system scheme design

The design of this scheme will be in the pursuit of superior performance, economic and practical premise,In a rigorous and prudent manner,The overall design of the system is carried out from the aspects of system structure, technical measures, equipment selection, system application, technical service and implementation process,We try to make the system really become a network system that meets the demand of wireless coverage in shopping malls。The overall design of the system is based on the principle of overall planning and distributed implementation, and fully reflects the technical advancement of the system, a high degree of safety and reliability, good openness, scalability, and economy。

In the design and implementation of the network, the scheme strictly follows the following principles:

Ø Standards and openness

Only systems that support standards and openness can support working with other open systems, and hardware devices and software products used in the network should support international working standards or de facto standards, so that they can coexist with open products from different manufacturers in the same network。Standard communication protocols should be used in communication so that different operating systems can communicate smoothly with different network systems and different networks。In this scenario,Network design and network equipment selection comply with international and industrial standards, so that the network is open and compatible。Wireless LAN system meets international and domestic wireless standards,WLAN is compatible with all kinds of wireless terminal devices that comply with Wi-Fi standards。

The network adopts an open architecture, which is easy to expand, so that relatively independent subsystems are easy to combine and adjust。The selected communication protocol conforms to international standards or industrial standards, and the hardware environment, communication environment and software environment of the network are independent of each other and form their own platforms, so as to minimize mutual dependence and ensure the interconnection of the network。

Ø Advanced and safe

All the components of the system should be fully considered its advanced nature。Can not blindly pursue the practical and ignore the advanced, only today's most advanced technology and our practical application requirements closely combined, in order to obtain the maximum system performance and benefits。The security of the network is important, and in some cases, it is necessary to sacrifice some functions of the system to ensure the security of the system。After the wireless network was builtWithin 3-5 years, the increase in business volume will not lead to major adjustments to the network structure and main equipment。At the same time, the actual application level should be considered to avoid the technical environment being too advanced to cause investment waste。

Ø Maturity and high reliability

As the basis of information system, the network structure and the configuration and bandwidth of network equipment should be able to fully meet the needs of network communication。The network hardware architecture can pass the test of a long time in practical applications, and should be stable and reliable in terms of running speed and performance, with perfect and practical solutions, and widely supported and used by more third-party developers and users around the world。At the same time, we should choose more advanced technologies and products with good prospects from long-term technological development to adapt to the future development needs of the system。

Reliability is also one of the important criteria to measure a computer application system。Under the premise of ensuring the stable and reliable operation of individual devices in the system network environment, it is also necessary to consider the fault tolerance, security and stability of the network as a whole, so that the system can be quickly repaired when problems and failures occur。Therefore, certain precautions need to be taken, such as considering appropriate redundancy of backbone equipment for critical applications。The emergency information system can work around the clock, up to weekly7*24 hours work requirement。A highly available system is the only way to get a real return on the user's investment。

Ø Maintainability and manageability

The interconnection equipment in the whole information network system should be easy to use, easy to operate and easy to learn, and easy to maintain。For complex and huge networks, strong network management means are required in order to reasonably manage network resources, monitor network status and control network operation, therefore, the network equipment selected by the network should support a variety of protocols, and the administrator can easily carry out network management, maintenance and even repair。

In the design and implementation, the maintenance of the whole system must be fully considered, so that the system can provide effective means to recover in time in case of failure and minimize losses。

Ø Scalability and compatibility

The topology structure of the network should be scalable, that is, the network connection must have the possibility of expansion and upgrading in the system structure, system capacity and processing capacity, physical connection, and product support,The products used should follow common industry standards,So that different equipment can easily and flexibly connect to the network and meet the requirements of system scale expansion。In order to enable the implemented system to protect the original development investment in the case of application changes, the system should be modular according to function when designing the system, and the function modules can be added and removed as needed。

2Wireless network architecture

Floor wireless coverage diagram

According to the user's wireless network requirements, combined with the technical characteristics of the product itself, in order to meet the needs of users to build a high-speed, stable, safe, reliable, easy to manage wireless access network, the design is popularWiFi wireless cloud management system and tide WiFi in-wall and ceiling wireless routing。The overall framework is simple and easy to deploy. The cloud management and control platform is used for centralized management, control, configuration and delivery of the tide WiFi router, as well as authentication of the access terminal, data distribution/centralized forwarding, roaming and other functions。

The advantages are:

n Simple configuration:AP zero configuration, all configuration in the wireless controller to complete, simple and convenient;

n Easy maintenance: Management and maintenance for wireless controllers to achieve, do not need to eachAP performs operations;

n Easy to upgrade: To upgrade the software version due to the increase in features, you only need to operate the wireless controller, not each wireless deviceAps are upgraded independently, and software upgrades are performed automatically by aps。Security and controllability: centralized RF and power, channel adjustment, black and white list, wireless intrusion detection, security access control and other functions;

n Strong scalability: According to needs, you can flexibly add supplementary pointsIf an AP needs to be expanded, connect the AP to the network。Support Layer 3 roaming, easy to expand support for wireless monitoring, voice applications and other services。

n Good network performance: high-speed data forwarding, support for fast switching, good data privacy, strong anti-interference: can dynamically allocate the channel, and switch to the optimal channel when disturbed

In this scenario,Aps are deployed in a layer-3 architecture. That is, aps and gateways switch on different IP subnets. Gateways divide IP address segments for device management and transmit data, and aps assign IP addresses and authenticate user access。

The access switch is disconnectedAP: Provides uplink and POE power for aps。Data from the AP is forwarded to the aggregation switch and then forwarded to the gateway router on the Internet。Wireless signal through the door, window, wall and other obstacles will be attenuated, therefore, the wireless signal and the physical pattern of the coverage site is closely related。The coverage principle of wireless AP is to first ensure the effective wireless signal interaction between AP and wireless terminals in the coverage area, and second, ensure the coverage bandwidth requirements of each terminal in the coverage area。

In this scheme, the following equipment shall be included:

n Wireless accessAP for optimized, seamless wireless signal coverage and distributed data forwarding。

3Wireless network function design

1) Zero configuration/ Plug and Play function: You only need to configure the wireless signal ssid on the AP, and no other configuration is required. It can work as long as it is connected to the network

2) Automatic software upgrade function:AP software is fully upgraded automatically

3) Batch configuration function: Access on the cloud management platformAP configurations are delivered in batches

4) Dynamic channel allocation function: Wireless controller can beAps automatically assign channels and switch to the optimal channel when interfered with

5) Network load balancing function: Both users can be implemented in differentLoad balancing for aps also implements load balancing for aps in different wireless controllers

6) Quick switching function: users differ on the same wireless controllerWhen roaming between aps, the switching speed is greatly improved, and the switching delay is only 8 to 9 milliseconds

7) Cross-zone networking: applies to the network distributed in different areasThe AP can still connect to the wireless controller through the metro area network, and the AP does not require any configuration

8) IP subnet roaming function: Wireless workstations do not need to make any changes, can seamlessly roam across different IP subnets

4IPAddress planning and design

The wireless network system belongs to the user's Intranet and is only used for internal communication.The wireless network system acts as a branch of the user's overall network,ip addresses can be planned based on the existing network。IP address planning is divided into two parts based on functions:

1. Equipment managementip: indicates the fixed management ip address of the switch

2. User terminalip: The ip address of the user terminal device (PDA, laptop, wifi mobile phone, etc.), which is automatically assigned by DHCP

The design, allocation and utilization of IP addresses follow the following principles:

1, autonomy: The whole network is divided into several large autonomous regions, each large autonomous region is divided into several medium autonomous regions, and then the medium autonomous region is divided into several small autonomous regions。

2. Orderly: After logical division of the network according to the principle of autonomy, subnet planning is carried out according to the region, device distribution and the number of users in the region。At the same time, combine IP address planning with network layer planning, routing protocol planning, and traffic planning。In order to improve the efficiency of address allocation and address utilization, the addressing design is carried out in a certain order。The order of selection is Top-Down, that is, using the leading top-down Network Design approach。

3. Sustainability: Considering that the number of internal network users will continue to grow rapidly, the network will carry more and more business volume and business types, which makes the network need to frequently upgrade, transform and expand the technology。Therefore, the scheme takes these factors into full account in the address allocation, leaving partial address redundancy for each part of the network, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the network。

4. Aggregable: The rapid development and growing scale of the Internet has surprised the experts who designed it,When the routing table expands rapidly,The aggregability principle is the highest principle that must be observed in network address allocation,The aggregability rule requires that addresses be planned,Adequate routing redundancy should be provided。

5, try to save IPv4 addresses: Because IPv4 addresses are becoming less and less, the use of IPv4 addresses needs to be extra economical。The saving of IPv4 addresses can be achieved through dynamic addressing technology and NAT technology。

6, idle IP address recycling: the assigned static IP address is regularly tracked and managed, and the idle IP address can be recycled and reused after confirmation。

5WLANFrequency planning

WLAN 802.11b/g/n works at 2.4GHz band, frequency range 2.400~2.4835GHz, total 83.5M bandwidth, divided into 13 sub-channels, each sub-channel bandwidth of 22MHz。Figure 3-1 shows the sub-channel allocation。

WLAN 802.11b/g operating band subchannel allocation

In use2.When the frequency is 4GHz, to ensure that the channels do not interfere with each other, the interval between the two channels is required to be at least 25MHz。In a coverage area, up to 3 non-overlapping frequency points can be provided to work at the same time, usually 1, 6, 11 three frequency points。WLAN frequency planning should consider building structure, penetration loss, and wiring system。

相邻AP diagram

楼层AP frequency planning diagram

6APDeployment scheme design

According to the actual situation on the ground floor of the shopping mall, combined with wireless deployment experience, each two tidesThe WiFi devices are about 30 meters apart, and about 50 N5 wireless AP devices need to be deployed on each of the first, second and third floors of the mall。四,五,六 七,36 units are deployed on each floor,Every two aps are spaced about 40 meters apart,Each layer uses an independent gateway,Connect wireless aps at each layer through POE switches,Each layer requires one gateway and two POE switches,The wireless network is implemented in cellular deployment mode,AP (N5) is placed on the ceiling of the mall floor。Aps use network cables to connect to access switches and use POE power supply. Aps are partitioned in the shopping mall. Dedicated switches are used to access each area for easy management. ARP packets in each area are isolated to prevent the normal operation of the entire network。

Note: Select the installation position and wireless device model according to the actual situation。

7List of equipment

Device name


Quantity used

Unit price (Yuan/set)






Access switch



Ceiling AP




Note: Equipment quotation is for reference only。

V. Concluding remarks

With the in-depth development of the Internet, the popularity of mobile Internet has become a trend。The coverage of wireless Internet access can make users more convenient。The application of WIFI technology has become increasingly mature, although this advanced technology can not do all the functions of the communication system, but as long as various access means complement each other, it can bring economy, reliability and effectiveness。Therefore, all walks of life are in urgent need of such communication tools, and the tide WIFI intelligent marketing platform of Zhengzhou New Communication Culture Communication Co., Ltd. came into being under such a background, and integrated a rich set of advertising marketing solutions。With the continuous development and update of wireless communication technology, the tide WIFI intelligent marketing platform of Zhengzhou New Communication Culture Communication Co., Ltd. will continue to apply new technologies, develop new functions, and become unique in the field of wireless application。


一层 一区 二区 ap profile

一层 三区 四区 AP profile

五层 一区 二区 AP profile

五层 三区 四区 AP profile

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