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Zhengzhou Orthopedic Hospital wireless network coverage project
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Zhengzhou Orthopaedic Hospital (Henan Red Cross Orthopaedic Hospital), founded in 1952, is a third-class A combination of Chinese and Western orthopaedic hospital。

H3C BSM (Business Service Management) solution is a new generation of business perspective, with CMDB as the core, to monitor, manage and analyze the business and related IT infrastructure solutions。Start with business,Fully manage application, network, computing, storage, virtualization and other IT resources,Establish a unified IT resource information base,Realize IT resource lifecycle management;With a built-in business health evaluation model and innovative synchronous timeline fault location technology,Dynamic display of the overall service running status,Quickly locate the root cause of service faults,Anticipate business risks in advance,Provide clear advice on investment decisions for ITT。BSM solution effectively helps IT departments eliminate information silos, improve information relevance and transparency, and is the best platform for IT departments to improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance risks, and display department performance。

Scheme characteristics

Simply change IT operations from a business perspective

H3C BSM comprehensively analyzes the performance and alarm information of IT resources such as application, network, computing, storage, and virtualization from a service perspective, and visually presents the service health level through a simple and easy-to-understand interface。Extensive resource monitoring capabilities, preset service health evaluation models, and excellent user experience greatly improve IT O&M efficiency。

Fast and intelligent fault location improves IT service satisfaction

Through the innovative synchronous timeline analysis technology, combined with the business topology, the relationship between IT resources and the impact of IT resources on the business are intuitively displayed, and the level of business assurance is clearly defined。BSM helps IT administrators accurately locate service faults, find service performance bottlenecks, and significantly improve business continuity and IT service satisfaction。

Understand data center capacity management, optimize resource allocation, and predict business risks

BSM Capacity management analyzes data center capacity trends from the perspectives of services, clusters, and equipment rooms, predicts capacity risks, guides resource optimization, and provides a quantitative basis for IT investment。Service capacity Predicts system resource bottlenecks based on service load and resource consumption trends, and provides capacity expansion suggestions for managers。Cluster capacity Monitors physical and virtual resources in a cluster, intelligently analyzes the resource overdeployment ratio, and guides resource configuration。

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